Wednesday, February 20, 2019
How would I use the PlayPoint DM?

The exaSound PlayPoint DM is a reference-quality audio server and player. Combining a dual mono 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, balanced dual mono headphone amplifier, Roon-enabled music server and UPnP server in one elegant component, the PlayPoint DM brings the best proprietary and open-source technologies to your music room.

PlayPoint DM is a multi-level device. It can be used in basic and most-advanced network configurations.

How to Connect

PlayPoint DM Configurations
PlayPoint DM -  All Configuration Options

The PlayPoint DM receives digital audio via Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11AC, SPDIF, TOSLINK or form attached USB drives.

PlayPoint DM outputs analogue audio via balanced and unbalanced outputs that can be connected directly to analogue monoblocks or a stereo power amplifier.

The exaSound PlayPoint DM is managed locally via capacitive glass touch screen and remotely with a Web browser.

Playback is controlled remotely with Roon or with various UPnP/Open Home apps for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Macs and PCs.

Tidal and other streaming services are available with Roon, Bubble UPnP on Android devices and with AirPlay from Apple iPad and iPhone.

The exaSound PlayPoint DM supports Network Audio Adapter (NAA) protocol for network audio streaming with HQPlayer.
Roon Server and Roon Ready Player - Basic Configuration

Roon offers engaging, enjoyable way to browse your music. exaSound PlayPoint DM works as Roon Core and RoonReady player. Via intelligent automatic cloud service library management, Roon delivers metadata for the user’s library and frees the user from the complexities of library management.

The easiest configuration for using the exaSound PlayPoint DM with Roon is to store your music on a USB drive. Here is how it works:

You need to connect the PlayPoint DM to your home router with Ethernet cable or with Wi-Fi.

Copy your music files to a USB drive and connect it to the PlayPoint DM.

Roon is a subscription service. You can find out more about the trial period and about subscription plans on the Roon website -

The Roon playback engine - Roon Core is installed on the PlayPoint DM.

Playback is controlled by the Roon Remote App. Roon Remote is available for Apple iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You need to install it on your device from the App Store or Google Play. Playback can also be controlled from PC or Mac.

Roon connects to the Roon Service to retrieve well organized information about your music files.

Roon provides access to the Tidal online streaming service and Internet Radio.

You Can learn more about Roon here: How Roon Works
Roon - Advanced Configurations

In addition to the Roon basic configuration, music files can be stored on Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive.

The PlayPoint DM can transparently discover and connect to Roon servers running on computers or NAS drives.

Step-by-step guide for configuring the exaSound PlayPoint DM for use with Roon is available on our blog:

How to get started with Roon and the exaSound PlayPoint DM - Quick Setup.
UPnP /OpenHome Player and Audio Library Server - Basic Configuration

The PlayPoint DM supports the public UPnP/OpenHome audio streaming standards. It can be used as a player (also called renderer or audio endpoint).

When a USB drive is attached to the PlayPoint DM, it also becomes a UPnP audio library server.

Playback can be controlled remotely with an app like Kazoo from an iPad, iPhone, Android device, PC or Mac. Popular control apps include Bubble UPnP on Android and Lumin, Kazoo, MconnectHD, PlugPlayer and others on iPad and iPhone.

There are many other third-party UPnP /OpenHome control apps and library servers. The ones listed here are tested with the PlayPoint DM and support all high-resolution formats, resolutions and sampling rates up to multichannel DSD256.

Step-by-step guide for configuring the exaSound PlayPoint DM for use with UPnP/OpenHome is available on our blog.
UPnP /OpenHome Player and Audio Library Server - Advanced Configurations

Media files can also be stored on a Network Attached Storage (NAS), PC, Mac or Linux computer.

All network file server options require the use of third-party audio library software like MinimServer, Asset UPnP or Twonky.

You will need a fast and stable Gigabit Ethernet network or top-performance tri-band 805.11AC wireless router.
Signalyst Configuration - Network Audio Adapter for HQPlayer

The exaSound PlayPoint DM supports Network Audio Adapter (NAA) protocol for network audio streaming with HQPlayer.

The Signalyst HQPlayer offers the most advanced upsampling and PCM to DSD conversion algorithms available on the market today.

Follow the Step-by-step guide for configuring the exaSound PlayPoint DM for use with HQPlayer.
AirPlay Player

AirPlay is a popular and convenient network media streaming technology.

AirPlay can be used to stream content from online services like Tidal to the PlayPoint DM.

Note that the AirPlay protocol has some limitations compared to the other network streaming standards used by the PlayPoint DM. It supports stereo CD-quality audio. There is no DSD and high-sampling rate/high-resolution PCM support.

AirPlay support is implemented with Shairport, an open-source Linux emulator for Airplay. Since this is not an official Airplay implementation, reliability and audio quality may vary.