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Sigma Streamer
Network Player for exaSound DACs

The exaSound Sigma connects your exaSound DAC to the home network and turns it into a streaming device. It delivers seamless, top-quality sound with Roon, HQPlayer, UPnP and Airplay.

Extended Hi-Res audio support up to DSD512, DXD, PCM 384 kHz/32bit and MQA is available over wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11 AC connection.

Tidal, Qobus, Spotify and other Internet streaming services are available with Roon or with popular apps including Bubble UPnP and MconnectHD.


HQPlayer NAA

exaSound Sigma Streamer offers the best of the proprietary and the open-source audio technologies in one compact component. For most applications it can be used right out of the box with zero-setup. Advanced configurations are available via Web-browser user interface.

ZeroJitter™ Asynchronous Bitperfect Streaming

ZeroResolutionLoss™ Volume Control
  • All-time 0dB full-scale streaming
  • 4-way volume synchronization
  • Volume trimming for individual channels
  • Volume bypass
ENclusiv™ Comprehensive Sampling Rate support in stereo and multi-channel:
  • Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512
  • DXD 352.8kHz /32bit
  • PCM 44.1 to 384 kHz/32 bit
  • MQA Full Unfold with exaSound e32 and e62 DACs
  • Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11ac connections supports stereo DSD 512 and stereo PCM 384 kHz / 32 bit
  • Multi-channel playback via Gigabit Ethernet connection
Server Support
  • External: Roon Server, Signalyst HQplayer, JRiver, UPnP/OpenHome
  • Built-in: UPnP Server for use with attached USB drive. Up to eight USB drives can be attached with external powered USB hub.
  • Audio streaming protocols: Roon RAAT, Signalyst NAA, UPnP, Open Home, AirPlay
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Web interface for remote operation and advanced configuration from a mobile device
  • Remote support
  • Remote upgrade

CD Ripping

CD Ripping is now available on all exaSound streamers and music servers with the free firmware Update 23. External USB CD-ROM is required. Powered USB hub can be used if there are no free USB ports. CD Ripping is enabled from the web user interface in Manual or Autostart modes. CD data is retrieved with very high accuracy and stored on internal or attached USB drive. Metadata - album title, artist and track names are downloaded from the CDDB database. For superior user experience and the best metadata accuracy automated CD ripping should be used with Roon. Roon's cloud-based intelligent library management service corrects and enhances the CD metadata.


Sigma Streamer is a certified RoonReady device. RoonReady means that it transparently discovers and connects to Roon with no network configuration and delivers bitperfect audio to your exaSound DAC.

Roon Ready is the highest level of Roon integration. Roon technology is customized and embedded both in the player and the DAC for achieving best user experience. Together, Roon and exaSound deliver the power, flexibility, and performance benefits of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available.

Learn more here: How Roon Works

When used with the exaSound e32 and e62 DACs, the Sigma Streamer supports full MQA decoding and rendering Hi-Res music data up to 24-bit 384kHz..

Bundle pricing is available for the Sigma Streamer in combination with the e62 DAC.

Maximum sampling rate DSD DSD512
 Maximum sampling rate PCM
 PCM 384kHz/32-bit
PCM 768kHz-Ready
MQA Support
(Requires Compatible DAC)
 Full Unfold up to
384 kHz
Web user interface  Yes
 1.83GHz, Quad-Core
UCB Ports
 1xUSB 2.0; 1xUSB 3.0
SSD for Libray Storage
Firmware    Version 20
 Price  US $ 750

Firmware Updates

Version 27 (2020-10-28)
  • Updated Signalyst Network Audio Adapter.
  • Updated Roon RAAT
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Support for e62, e68, e48 DACs.
Version 24 (2019-10-25)
  • Updated Signalyst Network Audio Adapter.
  • Performance and stability improvements of the Web User Interface.
  • Hardware compatibility improvements.
Bug Fixes:
  • 8-channel volume sliders are reliably displayed for 8-challel DACs.
Version 23 (2019-08-16)
New Features:
  • Automated CD Ripping with external USB CD-ROM drive. Ripping is controlled from the Web User Interface. Metadata editing is available with Roon.
  • Remote Support Ver. 2.0 with Remote Diagnostics.
Version 22 (2019-05-07)
  • Performance optimizations and memory use optimizations improve the performance and the stability of the Web User Interface.
Version 19 (2019-03-08)
New Features:
  • USB disks are mounted with Read/Write access rights to allow Roon to make backups on attached USB drives.
  • The Web User Interface is available for use with monitor, keyboard and mouse attached to the PlayPoint. This is useful in situations when there is no network connectivity.
  • New setting for turning off volume control for third-party DACs.
  • Performance optimizations and memory use optimizations improve the performance and the stability of the Roon Core.

Sigma Streamer Owner's Manual
exaSound Sigma Streamer Owner’s Manual.pdf
Last updated on May 07, 2019



NEW! Automated CD Ripping
CD Ripping is now available on all exaSound streamers and music servers with the free firmware Update 23.
30-days Trial