Sunday, March 18, 2018

e32 DAC


Delivering the exceptional fidelity you expect, exaSound presents the e32 DAC. Built around the ES9028PRO DAC chip, with a truly balanced design, powerful reference grade headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, the e32 is designed and hand-crafted entirely in Canada.


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e38 8-Channel DAC

The e38 DAC brings the thrill of multichannel perfected for HRA music.

Simplicity - No other device can play anything you throw at it, at any sampling rate from 384 kHz DXD to DSD256. Eight channels or stereo. All in the same playlist without changing any settings. e38 - Exceptionally clean, detailed, plus easy to use…
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The PlayPoint Network Audio Player connects your exaSound DAC to your home network and delivers seamless, life-like music experience.

The sound is astonishingly dynamic and clean, with vanishingly low jitter, distortion and noise levels.

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  • e32 DAC
    "Also, sounds damn good right out of the box."

    Jacksonville, Florida
  • The PlayPoint in very enjoyable
    Basically I just wanted to let you know how well the system is working — Using Kazoo is really quite easy, although Roon may be better... 
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  • The PlayPoint in Action
    What I didn't expect was to get such a significant improvement in SQ as well. In fact, I didn't think it was possible. 
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  • Audeze LCD-XC + e22 DAC
    I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my e22 DAC. With my Audeze LCD-XC headphones the sound is tremendous.
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  • Now, this is really, really outstanding reproduction
    Elevated quite a few unmistakable notches above my previous setup. I love it. It is way beyond my wildest dreams.
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  • I have heard nothing that sounds this good
    Honestly, in my travels and in hearing a great number of other very fine and very expensive systems, I have heard nothing that sounds this good.
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