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e22 DAC

Our flagship model, the e22 is a third generation DSD 256 DAC.

It offers the highest digital audio resolution, vanishingly low jitter, distortion and noise levels, and astonishingly clean analog-like sound. The difference is obvious, even with an ordinary CD. With the very best recordings the air and realism around the performance is scary!

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e28 DAC

The e28 DAC brings together DSD256 and the thrill of a multi-channel sound stage perfected for music experience.
No other device can play with such simplicity anything that you can throw at it - multi-channel and stereo at any sampling rate - PCM up to 384 kHz and 2.8 to 12.2 MHz DSD. The e28 can handle all of it in the same playlist - without changing a single configuration setting.
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e12 DAC

e12 offers the same great sound in a smaller and more affordable package.

In-house developed custom drivers, galvanic isolation and proprietary asynchronous USB interface give the e12 what it takes to compete with the best-sounding DACs on the market today.

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April 24 - 26, 2015

Visit us at AXPONA 2015, The Westin O'Hare, Chicago, Suite 404  [...]

October 10-12, 2014

exaSound at RMAF, Denver, CO, See the photos and the press coverage   [...]

May 15, 2014

exaSound at the High-End Show, Munich, May 15-18, 2014  [...]

April 30, 2014

Impressions - exaSound at AXPONA Chicago - April 25-27, 2014 [...]

exaSound offers the purest and most transparent processing of digital audio files. The sound is very neutral, and the more resolving the system, the better it can perform. With the very best recordings the air and realism around the performance is scary. Nothing added, nothing taken away.


exaSound's DAC’s have always stayed ahead of the curve, and the latest DSD 256 capability not only goes beyond the capabilities of all other DAC’s on the market today, it is ahead of current recording technology. This ensures that audiophiles will be enjoying studio master files the way they were recorded – without down-sampling or down-conversion – well into the future, without equipment upgrades. Detailed measurements, specifications and subjective impressions are available throughout this website.



If you are tired of listening to compressed audio and your desire is to instead play uncompressed, original recording quality sound, this is your one stop shop!

Native is striding to provide audiophile listeners a focused resource for native DSD recorded stereo and multichannel studio masters, directly from those labels recording in DSD.

Mulitchannel DSD downloads give you the ability to enjoy digital multichannel audio at its very best. Multichannel digital technology 'translates' the music into accurate and focused voice localization. It places you at the heart of a three-dimensional sound stage, as if you were in the audience.

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  • Audeze LCD-XC + e22 DAC
    I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my e22 DAC. With my Audeze LCD-XC headphones the sound is tremendous.
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  • Now, this is really, really outstanding reproduction
    Elevated quite a few unmistakable notches above my previous setup. I love it. It is way beyond my wildest dreams.
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  • I have heard nothing that sounds this good
    Honestly, in my travels and in hearing a great number of other very fine and very expensive systems, I have heard nothing that sounds this good.
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  • e22 DAC Against Chord Hugo, Mytek192, Auralic Vega...
    I listened and demo'd the Chord Hugo, Mytek 192, M2Tech, Young DSD, Auralic Vega, and Wyred4Sound and it came down to exaSound e22 wining.
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  • exaSound e20 DAC / MBL 101E Mk II / MBL 9008A
    Keep up the great work, exaSound. You have managed to put the fun back in hi-fi which was in serious danger of becoming the playground for only the rich and famous.
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  • exaSound e28 DAC Surrounded by B&W 800D
    I am impressed by the sound quality! The e28 DAC is really a fantastic piece of equipment. I truly believe that buying your DAC was the best choice.
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  • Better than Vinyl
    The results of the HQ Player feeding DSD128 to the E20 Mk III is simply stunning to my old ears.I never thought that a Redbook source could sound so good. For me it's better than vinyl.
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  • Your new drivers for the Mac shine as a gem.
    The SQ is so improved that I can't believe it...!
    Is like to have a full new DAC. Now I'm tempted for e22... (I have the e20 Mark II).
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  • e28 DAC and B&W CM10...
    If anyone ever asks, the exaSound e28 + JRiver + Rotel RMB-1585 + Bowers & Wilkins CM10 + Bowers & Wilkins ASW10CM Subwoofer is a truly magnificent combination for the ridiculous audio clarity... [Read the rest of this article...]
  • I've got the near perfect e28 setup
    Dear exaSound Customer Service, thanks so much for spending all the time and effort getting me set up...

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  • Thank you for your engineering and entrepreneurialism!
    The e28 package arrived! Wow, that's fast... I was tired of waiting for my cables but I do have two already so I did some testing last night. Could...

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  • Overall, a great purchase and a highly recommended product.
    I took advantage of the 15% discount (it was available before Black Friday--many thanks to George for tell...

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  • Just a note that you aren't gonna get the e20 back...
    Hello George & exaSound team, Just a short note that you aren't gonna get the e20 back...  I am not a wizard yet in regards to high rez fi...

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  • "The e28 DAC is a piece of artwork."
    The setup of the e28 DAC with J River MC19 is simple.The individual channel volume control comes in as a very handy feature,  since PCM files are...

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  • exaSound e20 : One of the best investments I`ve ever made!!
    December last year, I started digging around the internet for a USB capable DAC, that could satisfy my fastidious ears. Having searched f...

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  • e20 Mk III with 82fs Clock - Unmitigated Success!
    Dear exaSound Team, After listening to the e20 for a couple of days I would say it is an unmitigated success! I have been mostly listening to DSD f...

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