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My name is Burkhard and I live in Germany.
I loved to listen to my music all my live. When I heard surround music for the first time in the 90ies I was attracted immediately.

It is like a new interpretation of the music I have heard so often. So many more details and the stage is bigger and more dimensional than stereo ever could be even with the best setup.

I am so happy, that more and more albums are recorded or remixed in 5.1 ore even 7.1. I started with SACD in the 90ies, but how much more convenient is it to have the entire library available via iPad. Roon provides background information and recommends new music.

The best possible hardware to enjoy it with a very high sound quality and very easy to use are the exaSound products. I am proud and very happy owner of the exaSound Gamma Server and the exaSound e38 Mark II DAC. Setup is plug and play and it works perfectly without any problems with Roon.

The signals go into a Marantz preamp and from there into several German-made high end amps (T+A and Audionet). All speakers are Dynaudio. Soon I will also be proud owner of the brand new Dynaudio Confidence 60 as fronts. High end setup with an exaSound heart.

Here are the pictures of my listening room.

Best regards Burkhard




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