Saturday, December 7, 2019

e32 Mark II DAC


Delivering the exceptional fidelity you expect, the exaSound e32 Mark II DAC features MQA support. Built around the ES9028PRO DAC chip, with a truly balanced design, reference grade headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, the e32 Mark II is designed and hand-crafted entirely in Canada.


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e38 Mark II DAC

The e38 Mark II 8-channel DAC brings the thrill of multichannel perfected for HRA music.
Simplicity - No other device can play anything you throw at it, at any sampling rate from 384 kHz DXD to DSD256. Eight channels or stereo. All in the same playlist without changing any settings. e38 Mark II - Exceptionally clean, detailed, plus easy to use…
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Gamma Server

exaSound has just announced  the Gamma Music Server. Powered by a quad core 8-generation Intel i7 CPU and featuring customizable RAM, hard disk or SSD storage, it offers the performance needed for demanding Roon configurations. Besides Roon Core, the Gamma Music Server supports UPnP, Open Home, Sinalyst NAA and Airplay.
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PlayPoint DM Dual-Mono D/A Converter and Network Audio Server

exaSound is proud to announce the PlayPoint DM next-generation music server and DAC. Combining a reference-grade 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, balanced dual-mono headphone amplifier and Roon-enabled music server in one elegant component, the PlayPoint DM brings simplicity and sonic perfection to your music room.

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