Tuesday, March 19, 2019
New! e38 Mark II
exaSound has just released Mark II upgrade of the 8-channel e38 DAC

What's New:

  • World's highest performance Sabre ES9038PRO DAC chip increases 4 times the internal paralleled DAC channels compared to the ES9028PRO to bring more presence in the midrange
  • Redesigned reference voltage sources and master clock power circuits deliver more precise 3D imaging and more natural portrayal of transients
  • Refined analogue output stages built with components with superb linearity and enhanced power lines offer lower noise and distortion levels, improves micro dynamics and base reproduction
  • Redesigned main board topology offers reduced EM interference and reduced channel crosstalk resulting in better detail and resolution
e38 DAC Overview

The e38 Mark II 8-channel DAC is a fifthgeneration DSD256 DAC. Built around the ES9038PRO monolithic DAC chip from ESS Technologies, the e38 has vanishingly low distortion and noise levels, and astonishingly clean analog-like sound. The e38 Mark II offers a high power, high performance headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control.

The e38 DAC is an A+ Stereophile Recommended Component for Fall 2018 in the Digital Processor category. This recognition comes after its predecessor e28 – the world’s first multichannel DSD256 DAC was included in the Stereophile Recommended A+ list for three years in a row.

exaSound’s in–house design delivers world recognized, award winning sonic purity

  • ZeroJitter™ — a unique true asynchronous USB interface with error correction assures accurate data reception
  • ZeroResolutionLoss™ — an exclusive volume control with three–way volume synchronization• GalvanicInfinity™ — affords complete galvanic isolation for ultimate external noise reduction
  • FemtoMaster™ — our quad-clock architecture, with 82 femtosecond master clock and 3 auxiliary stream-control clocks, minimizes jitter for maximum timing accuracy, image development and bass extension
  • Balanced internal design - yields the lowest analog noise and lowest distortion


    • Uncompromised fidelity — ENclusiv™ zero-configuration comprehensive sampling rate support, all the way up to native DSD 256 (Quad DSD) and 32 bit PCM at 384 kHz/DXD
    • Simplicity — Play multichannel or stereo in one playlist without changing settings  
    • Forget guesswork — Zero-configuration automatic filter selection for every format and sampling rate
    • Love the convenience — Synchronized simultaneous operation from IR Remote, device controls and software dashboard
    • Blackest blacks — Ultimate clean power, with 15 linear power conditioning stages, and an upgradable external power supply
    • Get lost in your music — Roon: the most engaging, enjoyable way to browse your music. RoonReady enables fast and highly reliable auto–discovery for instant setup

            e38 Mark II DAC Standard Edition with Single-Ended RCA Line Outputs

           Limited Edition Balanced e38 Mark II DAC with Mini-XLR Line Outputs
           Custom-build, contact us to order

TEDDY12/2 - 12V 2A Power Supply

For a limited time the e38 Mark II DAC comes with a Teddy Pardo Power Supply at no additional charge.
The Teddy 12/2 power supply is based on a superior regulator called SuperTeddyReg.
Click here to read more about Teddy Prado’s power supply technology.

  • Power output: 12V, up to 2A
  • Mains Supply: 110-120V or 220-240V
  • Dimensions: 24x16x6 cm

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e38 DAC