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David Elias has been a independent singer-songwriter pioneer on the cutting edge of DSD technology for well over 10 years. His work has won praise and awards from some of the industry's most critical audiophiles. His songwriting has captured the imagination of listeners, DJ's, coffee houses and public halls in different continents, delivered live from the stage, as live streaming webcasts, as podcasts, as hybrid 5.1 SACD (since 2003), as CD and MP3 (since 1995) as well as the earliest DSD Downloads (since 2009).


As the first hybrid 5.1 multichannel SACD produced by an unsigned artist and released in 2003, "The Window" has withstood the test of time as to what many still consider to be a top shelf reference recording. It showcases ambient acoustic live studio sessions recorded using minimal micing and  isolation. Sessions were recorded at Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado with Jeff Shuey as the live mix engineer. Gus Skinas recorded the sessions to 8-tracks on a Sonoma DSD workstation.  Gus mixed and mastered the SACDs as Pure DSD.


A full band including renowned Matt Flinner (mandolin), Sally Van Meter (dobro), John Magnie (accordion, keyboards), Eric Thorin (upright bass) and Marc Dalio (drums) was present to back the award winning poetic lyrical songs that have been compared to long lists of diverse celebrities. The hybrid 5.1 SACD received a final nomination at the 2003 Surround Music Awards for "Emerging Artist".




 "Every 'great' recording requires 'great' music, and that's what this disc ["The Window"] is all about. The result can truly be considered a work of greatness." - Stuart Robinson, High Fidelity Review

Free downloads exclusively for exaSound's customers, courtesy of David Elias:

04 - David Elias - The Old King (Mch).dsf
04 - David Elias - The Old King (Stereo).dsf
David Elias - The Window Lyrics.pdf


A similar musical lineup was assembled for the, California live DSD session recordings of "Crossing" in 2005. Again the focus of this work centers around its ambient acoustic qualities using minimal micing and tracks. The band was assembled in a tight full circle with no isolation. The studio was arranged by engineer Charlie Natzke to capture the sessions to Sonoma using 8-tracks for accurate 5.1 surround mixes provided by Gus Skinas at the 2 songs on this SACD used overdubs on additional tracks for electric instruments including guitar and pedal steel.

Additional backing musicians included John Havard (electric), David Phillips (pedal steel), Chris Kee (upright bass) and Reid Dennis (percussion). The "Crossing" hybrid 5.1 SACD received 3 final nominations at the 2005 Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills including "Listener's Choice" and "Best Non-Orchestral Surround Mix". 



Kal Rubinson's In The Round from Stereophile magazine referred to this SACD's sound quality as "Extraordinary".  Both SACDs received David W. Robinson's Positive Feedback Award for "DSD Excellence".


David Elias offers the stereo and 5.1 multichannel mixes of both of these SACDs as DSD Downloads on his website at

The works can also now be found for DSD Download online at Acoustic Sounds




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