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(Another company promised to set the DSD256 tone at RMAF. We visited their room, and  we were told that they are not ready to demonstrate DSD256. Therefore we are claiming the title of their announcement.) 


The e28 is the world’s first high-end, eight-channel DAC capable of DSD playback at a 12.288MHz (DSD256) sampling rate. The e28 extends exaSound’s line of high-end DACs and offers music lovers a new level of performance unobtainable from any DAC currently offered in the marketplace.


The new performance features offered in the e28 will allow audiophiles to experience an unmatched level of audio reproduction. With the eight-channel capability of the e28, listeners can recreate the three-dimensional richness captured in multichannel recordings: the ambience of the original recording venue, or the in-orchestra soundstage experience from the aural vantage point of the performing musicians.




exaSound e28 DSD256 DAC featured at







RMAF 2013 Seminar: “DSD Downloads, The New High-Resolution Standard:  A Major Update”. exaSound's founder George Klissarov presents the e28 DAC.



To enjoy the improvement from using exaSound DACs, it helps to have speakers that are capable of revealing fine sound nuances. The JansZen zA2.1 electrostatic hybrid speakers have the exceptional clarity and neutrality.  



David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback Online and David Janzen, president of JansZen Electrostatic audition master tape transferred to DSD256. 




Jared Sacks and Tom Caulfield from Channel Classics demonstrate in the exaSound room beautifully mastered multichannel DSD recordings available for download at their website.




Denver rocks!


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