Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Hello George & exaSound team,

Just a short note that you aren't gonna get the e20 back...  I am not a wizard yet in regards to high rez file playback via Macbook but it does work. I did a burn in of about 120hrs before any critical listening.

I am using the digital output via SPDIF from my CD player and a Cambridge Sonata NP30 (web radio stream) and the leap in quality is just astounding. On the weekend my wife went to turn the volume up, not down ;-)).

The NP30 stream was never hifi quality and I just appreciated the access to global radio stations. It was OK for background music playing but never serious listening. But what a change when hooked up with the e20. Usually the sound made me nervous and now this thing is playing some decent music.

Well known CD's sound like a double layer veil has been lifted, more air, more detail, more emotion. You hear not only that the bass drum is kicked but with what kind of mallet. At some point, I thought I hear a tone from Stan Getz sax literally float through the room (or he moved his position in the recording studio, I am not sure)[ Lim K2HD Edition of Getz/Gilberto].

This could easily turn into overly aggressive and analytical sound but no, it doesn't at all. It is just smooth, relaxing beautiful music. I will have to experience a lot of my favorite music again. I was satisfied with the sound of my CD player (Krell CD-DSP) but this is jaw dropping better ;-))). What an improvement!

The exact dimension of the small box are given on your website but to be honest, when you hold it in your hand, it does look a little disappointing at first. And the plug in power supply seems pretty cheap. But after hearing the performance of the e20, I am sure I made the right decision. I am not paying for a useless package and I might upgrade to a different power supply at some point of time. In case the power separation is as good as supposed to be, there shouldn't be too much of improvement possible. Obviously the design is cutting edge as it is.

Best regards from a happy listener,


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