Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Posted on by vibes

I took advantage of the 15% discount (it was available before Black Friday--many thanks to George for telling me about it) and became the proud owner of an e20 Mk III yesterday. I was already using JRMC 19 for playback, so the setup on my Windows 7 machine was extremely easy. I've had tunes going for the last 23 hours so that I could get the e20 properly burned in, but so far, I am extremely pleased with the results. I expect things to get better with additional usage, of course.

One of the ways that I judge whether or not I've made a good audio purchase is whether or not that item increases my desire to listen to music. I can honestly say that no other audio purchase I've ever made has ever made me feel this way as much as the e20 has. There is more space between instruments, more detail being pulled out of instruments--particularly with things like cymbals and acoustic bass--and greater overall depth to the music. And unlike some components I've listened to in the past, these improvements are not limited to certain genres of music, either. Death metal and grindcore sound just as good as jazz and classical.

I also love how the e20 can play everything that I've thrown at it, from crappy old mp3's I still have in my collection to test DSD and DXD files I've been downloading from the good people at 2L. This is the first time I've been able to listen to the latter through my computer/DAC setup, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I'd also like to give a plug to exaSound's customer service. Over several back and forth exchanges, George patiently answered all of my questions prior to purchase. Shipment was also extremely prompt after I paid.

Overall, a great purchase and a highly recommended product.

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