Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Dear exaSound Customer Service,

thanks so much for spending all the time and effort getting me set up.

I've now got the near perfect e28 setup and am extremely happy!

It's simple, but simple is good!!!!... and I know this is where you are coming from with the philosophy and design of this fabulous DAC!

So this is the setup: that I have spent so long tweaking (with your help):

Apple Macbook Air> A+(Standalone mode)> e28> Rotel poweramps/Velodyne powered sub>Linn surround speakers....

If I ever power the e28 with battery and OWC releases a larger SSD than 1GB... I'll be able to move the library entirely onto the mac..then if Apple do a fan-less Air I'll be in computer playback heaven!!!!

Very much appreciative of your help and thanks again for the wonderful product!

All the best


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