Thursday, June 20, 2024

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First of all, thanks for your prompt replies. This is what I call exemplary customer support - I wish other manufacturers could learn from you!
I got the PP and e32 yesterday. Easy plug-and-play installation and playing nice music since yesterday afternoon. First impressions: probably the best DSD reproduction I’ve heard, at least in comparison to the two DACs I recently had in the house, namely the Mytek Brooklyn and the Bryston BDA-3.
Michael, Calgary, Canada

Hello exaSound,
Let me thank you for your great support and the entire exaSound team for a great sound experience with my new exaSound DAC.
I recently bought the exaSound for my HTPC based audio/video system. I was looking for years for a capable multichannel DAC to connect my HTPC directly to a multichannel power amp. In the last years I tried different sound devices. None of them was really good: either the driver support or – more important – the sound quality.
So I decided finally to go with exaSound and that was the right decision. After install and configuration – with perfect support over the weekend (!) – it was a new listening experience with my speakers and headphones. Even my wife recognized the new sound.

Best Regards from Germany to Canada,

p.s. Thank god it’s raining this weekend, so I can listening all day long....

This is the best DAC I've had yet. The headphone output is really good with my HD800. I'm loving it and would definitely recommend. Thank you!
Clayton, Bothell, WA, US

I have the e32 DAC running and I want to ensure I'm getting every ounce of sound possible. Also, sounds damn good right out of the box.
Marion, Florida, US

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