Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Darko.Audio has just published the Steven Plaskin’s review of the exaSound’s dual-mono DAC and Roon server. He concluded that the PlayPoint DM is

...not only an impressive sounding DAC, but one that successfully combined a Roon server characterized by simplicity of setup and rock-solid performance...

I consider the PlayPoint DM to be one very special product that deserves my highest recommendation....

It didn’t take me long to realize that the PlayPoint DM was a very special DAC / Server that was not only extremely transparent and revealing of the sources fed to it, but wonderfully musical as well. The PlayPoint reproduced both macro and micro dynamic changes with absolute precision without sounding bright or unpleasantly hard. The bass was very well defined with wonderful impact and definition.

But what really impressed me was the PlayPoint’s ability to allow me to hear a richly layered soundstage with bloom and dimensionality that just drew me into the music I was listening to. Purity and liquidity were descriptions that were easily applied to the PlayPoint DM.

Kind words, very much appreciated!

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