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If you are tired of listening to compressed audio and your desire is to instead play uncompressed, original recording quality sound, this is your one stop shop! Native DSD Music was founded in 2013 by Jared Sacks from Channel Classics and started developing its website in the fall of the same year, launching it early 2014. It is a co-op site hosting a number of different labels, but with a unique centralized shopping experience.


Native is striding to provide audiophile listeners a focused resource for native DSD recorded stereo and multichannel studio masters, directly from those labels recording in DSD. The ID3v2 compliant files come along with artwork and booklets, the site offers information and discussion of both software and hardware (coming soon), extensive site-wide search capability across all labels.

"As a professional musician, when I became a classical music label owner, it was my passion to not only bring great music to my customers, but also to bring the emotion of that music’s creation. I found that DSD recording best met that need, and it is why I started this website." - C. J. Sacks


Mulitchannel DSD downloads give you the ability to enjoy digital multichannel audio at its very best. Multichannel digital technology 'translates' the music into accurate and focused voice localization. It places you at the heart of a three-dimensional sound stage, as if you were in the audience.


Native DSD will continue to grow along with the development of DSD, and is adding new content and labels periodically.

Visit the site at

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