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Good to read someone else is enjoying a stereo 4 way active system with Exasound multichannel DAC. My configuration:
  • 4 way full dipole open baffle
  • woofer 1 (bottom) Eminence Alpha 15A: 0-120Hz minimum phase
  • woofer 2 (top) :Eminence Alpha 15 A: 0-250Hz linear phase + phase rotation of 120Hz minimum phase filter
  • mid : PHL 2520 200Hz-1500Hz linear phase
  • Highs : AMT ESS V2 1500Hz-20000Hz
Active filters designed in Rephase, implemented in Roon. All measurements (sweeps) made through Roon with REW and UMIK-1 Room correction : either REW EQ or HomeAudioFidelity, convolution filters implemented in Roon - before active filtering of course. Exasound E28 balanced DAC plugged into Roon Server - a Windows 10, 5 years old Intel NUC . Not so powerful but I can manage 192KHz 8 channel streaming, except on DSD material 96 kHz. Software volume control via Roon.

I have just finished the assembly and still need to fine tune cables and DSP parameters, but so far the results are beyond my expectations. The E28 is to be praised for:

  • absolute neutrality
  • exceptionally low noise floor : at 0dB and plugged into +26dB gain amplifier on ~100dB efficiency speakers : no hiss.
  • no clicks or pops, automatic power on/power off
Well done Exasound!

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