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Dear exaSound team,

I would like to share with you and with all digital crossover enthusiasts my stereo system made of a 4 way Dipole speakers, driven with an exaSound e38 Mk II, without preamplifier and directly connected to dedicated amplifiers.

4 way dipole speakers from Linkwitz including the top section from Linkwitz LX521.4 and JLAudio F112 Sub

Motu 828X is used for measurement and calibration purposes with the Acourate DSP Software form the PC. It is used to measure all the speakers for linearization and to measure the freq response for room correction. Motu 828X is used only for calibration, not for music reproduction.

The PC is hooked up via USB to QNAP TR-004 in Raid 1+0, for music storage and redundancy.

The famous e38 Mk II (since 2019), now with the Teddy Pardo power supply. I started with the e28 (2015) and eventually upgraded to the e38 (2016).

  • Parasound A21 amplifier, for the Tweeters. This amplifier operates in Class A for the first 10 Watts. So at low volume the Tweeters and the Upper Mid are in pure Class A;
  • Parasound A21 amplifier, for the Upper Mid-Range speakers;
  • Parasound A21 amplifier, for the Lower Mid-Range speakers;
  • The SUB has a built in amplifier.

Convolution is achieved in JRiver with Linear Phase Filters. Selection of the filters is made in JRiver, according to the sampling rate.

The e38 Mk II plays “Flawlessly” 384 kHz 8 Channels convolved in JRiver. The result is simply amazing ! Tight low frequency, soft and silky mid and clean and precise top end are achieved with the e38 Mk II.

I just wanted to confirm that one can achieve a fantastic stereo system build around Digital Crossovers if the heart of it is of quality. This is the case when you use the Famous exaSound e38 Mk II.

Very happy with the results since 2015. Thanks for producing a high quality DAC and Best Regards George 

Quebec, Canada

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