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Post from, April 30, 2014


I have a E20 MK III with the 0.83 fs clock. So far I have used it with Sonos connect over Toslink and it performs very well, but I did not get the E20 for that.

I bought the E20 to play DSD128 sourced from JRiver MC19 converting from Redbook. I have now had a chance to hear HQ Player doing Redbook to DSD128

The results of the HQ Player feeding DSD128 to the E20 Mk III is simply stunning to my old ears. I never thought that a Redbook source could sound so good. For me it's better than vinyl. Female voices, and acoustic instruments are the big winners, there is more information presented which adds a layer of texture to the voices. The sound is engaging and captivating.

The E20 has a sound comparable to new DSD DAC's costing twice as much. The competent Oppo 105 is not in the same league as the E20....

Do try HQ Player, it's digital Alchemy, transforming 16/44 lead in to DSD 128 gold Ii have not been this excited about HiFi in years !




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