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"... Details are definite, but not overly drawn, which can lead to your music tending towards an etched, glaring sound. Transparency…that critical ability of an audio component to stay as far out of the way of the audio signal as possible…is really notable with exaSound's e28 DAC."


"On the e28 and the Oppo HA-1 and PM-1 tandem, this is just damned beautiful stuff… raw, and emotionally edgy (a great thing) without being sonically edgy (a grate thing). R.E.M. sounds better than ever in DSD on the e28… an analog-tape type of experience,.."


"The advantage of Double DSD becomes immediately apparent on the e28, although, in fairness, I must say that this is generally true of DSD DACs. But the e28 produces Double DSD playback that is so elegant and tonally true across all types of Double DSD files that I have on hand here that I have to tip my hat to exaSound: This is true reference-quality sound."


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