Thursday, June 20, 2024

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"I've decided to share my exaSound e28 DAC (balanced version with Femto Clock) impressions. I've used it for 10 days now and with every day I love it more and more.

I am using all 8 channels of e28 in my active open baffle 4-way stereo system. The signal processing is done by JRiver Media Center DSP going to amplifiers through the DAC.

Thanks to the e28 DAC my system has been elevated to a higher level. Everything sounds much more detailed, even with very complex music every tiny detail gets through and is so separated that I get a feeling that music has become faster. Although the sound comes out very detailed, it is not at any time sharp or unpleasant. This is very natural sounding DAC. I have never heard more natural vocals and cymbals. Finally, "s" sounds as it should and every fundamental has it's right harmonics without any smearing. Thank you, exaSound!"

Armands Koncus


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