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ExaSound was premiering their e32 DSD 256/DXD 32 bit DAC ($3,499) and e38 Multi channel DAC ($3,849) alongside the high value PlayPoint network audio player ($1,999 with Roon installed). The PlayPoint and e32 were feeding a Parasound A21 power amp ($2,500). Speakers were the Magnepan 3.7i’s ($5,995pr). Talk about bang for your buck. This was a high-performance system for an all in $14,000 USD. If you are looking to go digital ExaSound needs to be on the short list.

AXPONA 2017: Digital Audio and Amplification - Mr Eric Neff,Hi-Fi Plus

... exaSound's affable chief George Klissarov once again knocked the ball out of the proverbial park, and for a total system tariff far less than that of some exotic turntables. With scarcely a turntable or phono stage in sight, George coaxed reference-caliber sound from the Magnepan 3.7i planar speakers ($5995/pair), driven here by the quite affordable Parasound A21 Class A/B power amp ($2,500) and exaSound's PlayPoint Network Audio Player ($1999) and e32 DAC ($3499 in the two-channel configuration). Smooth, dynamic, open and exceptionally coherent, the sound just hung in space. If you have the room and the power, it's hard to beat the Maggies for sheer realism and presenting power. Look for a review of the exaSound gear soon!

The "New" AXPONA? - Maurice Jeffries, Positive Feedback

Once again, we've managed to overcome the difficult room acoustic. The exaSound room featuring fine DSD recordings, exaSound e32 DAC, exaSound PlayPoint, Parasound A21 amplifier and Magnepan 3.71 speakers won once again "Audio Oasis" award. Thank you, Positive Feedback!   

exaSound always uses custom one of a kind racks. Last year it was the "exaSonic Scaffolding".  This year the theme is "Heavy Metal". 

George Klissarov, founder of exaSound performs acoustical analysis before the show.

Everything you always wanted to know about networked audio (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
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