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Channel Classics Records is a quality record label based in Holland. Director, producer and recording engineer is C. Jared Sacks. Having grown up in Boston Massachusetts, schooled at Oberlin Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory of music with 15 years experience playing French Horn, Jared decided to make his hobby of recording a profession in 1987. The label started in 1990 with the name Channel Classics coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam. (Kanaalstraat).

Since February 2012, all Channel Classics SACD releases are available for download in DSD format. Here is the online catalogue link:


Very few record labels offer their catalogue in DSD format. Channel Classics is on the forefront with their approach to high-resolution music downloads. Channel Classics believes that DSD is the next step.


Multichannel DSD Downloads

Channel Classics has been exclusively recording in DSD - SACD stereo/multichannel format for nine years with a release of more than 120 SACD cd’s. Especially in 5 channels, the sound and performance are so enhanced that there is no way back to a normal stereo recording.

Mulitchannel DSD downloads give you the ability to enjoy digital multichannel audio at its very best. Multichannel digital technology 'translates' the music into accurate and focused voice localization. It places you at the heart of a three-dimensional sound stage, as if you were in the audience. Channel Classics uses 5 different channels: Left, right, center, surround right and surround left.


Eliminating the Subwoofer Channel

Channel Classics does not utilize the 6th channel which is generally used for the subwoofer (ultra low frequencies). This is a superficially produced channel used for DVD films and does not fit into Channel Classics' philosophy of naturally produced sound.


Here's just one opinion about Channel Classics releasing DSD recordings for downloading, from Positive Feedback's David W. Robinson: "I recommend the Channel Classics site as a model for DSD e-commerce... other labels should be checking this out very carefully."


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