Thursday, June 20, 2024

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For Immediate Release

exaSound Audio Design announces the immediate availability of the e20 Mk III - the first high-end DAC capable of achieving DSD playback at sampling rate of 12.288 MHz (DSD 256+).  This is another world's first for exaSound. The e20 Mk III predecessor, the e20 Mk II was the only consumer-oriented DAC capable of achieving DSD 256 at 11.2896 MHz. The e20 Mk III goes to the next level by introducing three new DSD modes that cover the 48 kHz family of sampling rates: 3.072 MHz (DSD 64+), 6.144 MHz (DSD 128+), and 12.288 MHz (DSD 256+).


exaSound's DAC’s have always stayed ahead of the curve, and the latest e20’s DSD 256+ capability not only goes beyond the capabilities of all other DAC’s on the market today, it is ahead of current recording technology. This ensures that audiophiles will be enjoying studio master files the way they were recorded – without down-sampling or down-conversion – well into the future, without equipment upgrades.


In addition to offering the highest digital audio resolution, the e20 DACs have vanishingly low levels of jitter, distortion and noise, creating an astonishingly clean and analog-like sound. Detailed measurements, specifications and subjective impressions are available at

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