Saturday, July 13, 2024

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I have now the e28 for more than a month and day after day I appreciate it more and more. I use it mostly for multichannel playback (from dsd files sourced from my SACD collection). In my system the e28 DAC replaces an Oppo 95 highly modded by Ric Schultz + an analogue mulch-channel preamp from Orpheus (the total value of these devices is around $10,000).The DAC sit on a Synergistic Research Tranquility base and is directly connected to the amps. The result is glorious : huge rock solid soundstage, detailed and absolutely not fatiguing. This DAC makes wonders on human voices.


I can push the volume so high as never, but this doesn’t mean that it have to be so to enjoy the e28. In fact, there is some kind of immediacy in the restitution that make it enjoyable at any sound level. Some recording that I found a bit aggressive have lost this characteristic through the e28 and sound now full, natural with rich and smooth texture without loss of impact in the highs.

A very great value indeed.


J. Weiss


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